четверг, 13 сентября 2007 г.

Apple announces new iPhone

Just recently Steve Jobs announced the new release of the iPhone. This brings up a lot of very interesting discussion around the technologies being used in the iPhone. The release of the iPhone introduces the first public version of advanced touch screen technologies. Sure, touch screens have been around for quite some time (since the 1980's) but this will be the first mass produced touch screen device available to the public that is actually worth having.

The technology is more than just a touch screen, it is a milt-touch sensitive device where you can essentially use all 10 fingers at once to do different things on the screen. This gets pretty involved to explain, so just check out this video from the TED conference where they introduce this new advanced touch screen: TED Touch Screen Video .

What is really promising is that the technology used for the multi-point touch screen at the TED conference is actually different all together from what Apple has developed but they achieve the same effect. This could really change how we interact with computers since there may no longer be the need for a keyboard and mouse.